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bei wuweizi ©Erich Stöger
daihuang ©Erich Stöger
danggui ©Erich Stöger
danzhuye ©Erich Stöger
difuzi ©Erich Stöger
gualouzi ©Erich Stöger
hehuanhua ©Erich Stöger
xiangfu ©Erich Stöger

Center for Safety of Chinese Herbal Therapy

Our goal is the safety of patients, practitioners and physicians who are using chinese herbal therapy. To achieve this aim we need your help!

Chinese herbal therapy is focused in its use of many, mostly herbal substances. As a result we get multi-substance-extracts. The research of those extracts is very difficult. But thereby the Chinese herbal therapy is very safe and low in side-effects too. How is this possible? The old Chinese recipes were using several herbs at once who are balanced to outweight their side-effects and to potentiate their singular main effects to one strong main effect of the recipe. So it is possible to use low concentrated single substances and getting a strong medicine at once.

Nevertheless there is the possibility of allergies or individual intolerances. We need to examine this to guarrantee the safety of Chinese herbal therapy in the future.

Should you have observed side-effects with Chinese Medicines please fill in the report (see attachment) and send it to our headquarter.